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Adopt a school in your neighborhood today by sponsoring a DreamMaker Kids Career  Awareness Program

Help us reach many more children all while being a positive example in your field and giving your business a boost by pledging to cover the cost of an whole school.

Become a vital part of DreamMaker Kid's mission by sponsoring an elementary school in your community. Becoming a sponsor of our Career Day Program provides each child enrolled in participating schools with:
  • A fun day in school to dress up in professional uniforms and learn about different career choices
  • A Vision Poster to take home featuring each child dressed for success in their chosen career path, customized with your business' information
  • A career guide that outlines over 30 different career paths for students to study
Become a neighborhood hero by giving children in your businesses' community the chance to participate in our fun and life-shaping program! Students (and their parents) never forget the day DreamMaker visits their school!


= cost to cover our Career Day Program for a whole school!

Sponsor a School!

Ready to adopt a school? Fill out the short form below and someone from our team will get in touch with you very soon to begin the process. 
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