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You bring the ambition,

we'll handle everything else.

Our career day program is fun for kids,
easy on parents and school faculty.
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On the day-of of picture day at your kid's school, we bring everything needed to make their vision come to life. From the easy slip-on career uniforms and accompanying props, to the camera, stylist, and green screen, we point-and shoot and deliver without any added effort from any parents or staff members. Just your kid's smile and ambition, and our camera and program.

Our AMAZING Products

Available for elementary school grades K-5

The Vision Poster


The DMK experience provides each student with a personalized keepsake of them dressed up in the career of their choice. The vision poster includes the career description, educational requirements, earning potential and a space for schools and/or sponsors to add their own personalization. Each participating school also receives a DVD slide show presentation including all Vision Poster photos from that school that will get students excited about their education!

30+ Careers | 17 Career Clusters | STEAM 

Other Products

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Career Choice Guide

Every student who participates in the DreamMaker Career Day Picture Day at their school will receive a free mini Guide that features a break down of all of the careers we feature in our program to help them explore further what the possibilities are.

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Time Capsule Collage

All of your participating graduating students' photo displayed one poster showcasing their dreams for the future.  imagine this in your school's yearbook and hanging in the hallways year after year.

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The Graduation Destination poster is a beautiful and long lasting souvenir that features two styled photos of your child -- graduation cap and gown and dressed for their future career goal. The posters can also be fully customized to each school or class.

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