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For counselors, we're here to support you.

Are you a School Administrator or Counselor looking to build upon your existing Career Day Activities, or are you looking for something FRESH and NEW? How about a Career Day Program designed to meet the specific goals aligned with the U.S Department of Education.

Here are some key benefits

 Promotes career awareness, exploration and planning.
 Promotes early commitment to education.
 Identifies personal preferences for future professions.
 Helps young learners make the connection between school and future careers.
 Exposes young learners to quality of life decisions they will encounter.
 Explores a variety of professions that create a path to higher learning.


"If a young person did not know someone personally who did that job, TV/Film is the biggest influencer, again with exception of Uganda or Zambia. In all countries in our sample, less than 1% of children state they had heard about the job from a volunteer from the world of work coming in to school.

What can we do about it? • A future career seems a long way off for most primary-age children. Making a connection between what they learn in primary school and the jobs they might one day pursue is not easy, particularly for those from challenging backgrounds, where local unemployment is high and horizons may be set low. • Early intervention can be a very cost effective targeted way of raising children’s’ aspirations and broadening their horizons. The evidence suggests that giving children the chance to meet volunteers from the world helps them to see the meaning and relevance of the subjects they are studying at school work. Embedding experiences of the real-world in learning and the school curriculum can lead to increased motivation resulting in increased educational attainment. When they engage with children, volunteers are routinely perceived as speaking from a vantage point of real authority: who better to testify how numeracy is used outside of the classroom, after all than someone who earns a wage to apply it in a workplace?"


Our career resource guide is could be a great tool for exposing young students to a braoder section of careers when the right mix of volutteers are not available.

Want to have us at your school?


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