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Hey Parents and Guardians!

How does DreamMaker Kids help your child grow up to be successful?

DreamMaker Kids Career Day Program is designed to educate, motivate and help your child and other children realize that what they do today paves the road for tomorrow. One of the first steps in career awareness is just helping children to realize that they do have a choice in their future and that opportunities are available to everyone. Of course we, as parents, want our children to do well today, because we know that it is part of the path for a successful tomorrow. Early exposure helps children to begin their successful path. DreamMaker Kids Career Day Program has three program components that all play a part in the career awareness process. The School Resource Packet introduces students to various professions and gives them activities to further their learning about careers. The Vision Poster serves as a visual reminder of their future dreams. In addition, the Interactive Presentation points out how important school is now and how future career choices impact future quality of life.

Why is it important to get an Early Start? 
According to the US Department of Education; 
”Elementary school is not too early to start teaching your child about career awareness. It is important for your child to become aware of how his or her schooling is connected to a successful future.” For more information go to

Do you think that your future is an eternity away?  Well, you may not be graduating from high school tomorrow, but did you know that you could start planning for your future today?  Actually, just doing your very best everyday is most of the plan.  As you approach high school, you need to start thinking about your interest as well as things or areas where you do well.   The DreamMaker Kids Career Day Program will help you begin this process.  The more you explore different careers, and take into consideration what your interest are, the more educated you will be when you seriously begin selecting a major in colleage which leads to a career field.

Have some fun! Watch a video to get a better look at different occupations, compliments of the U.S. Department of Education.
In Elementary School? Click Here
In Middle School or High School? Click Here

Here are some of our Favorite Career Web Sites for Kids

What Interests You? by the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Girlzone - Get a Job!
Hot Shot Business
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
National Agricultural Library - Careers in Science
National Geographic - Kids
Census Bureau: FactFinder Kids' Corner
EPA Environmental Kids Club
Department of the Interior - Kids
HHS Pages for Kids

How does DreamMaker Kids help your child grow up to be successful?

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