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I Want To Be a Marine Biologist

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Degree required: Yes
Average Salary: $77,000

Marine Biologists are scientists who research life in the oceans and other saltwater environments such as estuaries and wetlands. They observe and analyze data, conduct experiments, rehabilitate injured marine animals and document the origins, behavior, genetics and diseases of marine life.A career in marine biology would suit you if you're passionate about the environment, want to make a difference to future generations and are driven to stand out in a competitive field

Marine biology is the study of all aspects of life in the sea and the environment on which it depends. This includes marine plants, animals and other organisms, both vertebrate and invertebrate, in deep oceans, shallow seas and the laboratory. The main aims of marine biology are to improve understanding of the marine world and to understand and predict changes in ecosystems affected by human and natural disturbances.

Marine biology is a broad-ranging career. You could go into field work, academic research, laboratory work, consulting, charity, outreach or policy making.

Although most roles require strong technical, research and scientific skills, specialising in a particular area is usually required for career progression - whether in coastal management, reef ecology, invertebrate biodiversity, fisheries biology or marine pollution.

While many marine biologists have a marine biology or science related undergraduate degree with postgraduate study, the key to breaking into this career is to gain relevant experience, either voluntary or paid. There is a lot of competition for jobs so seizing opportunities to develop your skillset and prove your commitment is key.

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